Are we as fully alive as we could be?

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Partnering with you to pursue Gospel vibrancy in all aspects of your journey.

THRIVE exists to invigorate a movement of authentic, thoughtful, and adventurous people…

…engaging one another to explore and experience the vibrant Life God intends for His image-bearers. 

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THRIVE Teaching

From conferences to leadership teams, events to retreats, churches to corporate groups, podcasts to virtual classes, blogs to books—our objective is to creatively and compellingly communicate truth that informs, fuels, and motivates Life-giving change and practical growth.

THRIVE Coaching

Facilitating tangible transformation for individuals and organizations is a passion of ours. Exploring what it means to pursue vibrancy, overcome obstacles, and then flourish in the midst of our various callings, we help renovate the future of influencers and teams in church and corporate contexts.

THRIVE Experiences

By guiding immersive, replenishing, generative group experiences—from art gallery day tours to fly-fishing weekend adventures to short-term mission trips—we deliver encounters with every-day vibrancy; breathing first-hand experience and illustrations into teaching and dialogue about flourishing daily in light of the Gospel.

Matt Heard, Founder

Internationally acclaimed artist and author Makoto Fujimura describes Matt as “a guide to Life in a world stricken with stagnation, fragmentation, and scarcity…a mentor who can help us pinpoint what it means to thrive with the abundance of God in a languishing culture.” Matt is someone who delves into both the Gospel’s “lyrics” of goodness, truth, and beauty but also its accompanying “music” that, in the words of C.S. Lewis, we all “were born remembering.” 

Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity

Much of the foundation of THRIVE can be found in Matt’s book where he unpacks the full, wholistic goal of the Gospel. The Gospel is great news, impacting all of life—not just our religious habits. Christ’s agenda for us is future and present tense: providing assurance for our heavenly home but also equipping us, right now, to live fully to God’s glory in every aspect of our lives.

One Amazon reader commented: “This book has impacted me more than anything I have read in Christian literature except the Bible. I will reread it often.”

Life with a capital L

Connect with us for resources to explore and experience what it means to be Fully Alive.

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