Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Nashville, TN

May 21, 2022

, at 4:30 pm.

Announcing a Nashville Premier Experience from THRIVE!

Beginning at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 21, 2022, THRIVE is utilizing the acclaimed Original Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit to launch us into an enjoyable and meaningful evening.

First we’ll experience the Nashville Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit together and afterwards engage in a guided discussion and interaction (some of the questions are below) during a private meal at Backstage at Sinema, located in the beautifully renovated, historic Melrose Theater.

Thanks to the sponsorship of some generous THRIVE donors, the subsidized cost of your evening is only $150 per person—this includes your Van Gogh Exhibit ticket, four-course dinner, paired wines, and some other helpful resources.

Availability is limited, so please secure your reservation by purchasing your spot today!

In an anonymous survey reviewing THRIVE Experiences in Denver and Orlando with the same Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, 100% of participants “Definitely Would recommend a similar THRIVE Experience to a friend.”

Out of any Christian event I have been to, this one takes the top spot for me.

A Five-Star experience.

Such a gift of an evening.

Helped me see the Gospel and Life in Christ with a wider stoke of the brush.

Charged us to be what the Church should be—both corporately and individually.

Reinforced the ‘whole Life’ Gospel experience of a true and full faith walk…

Enhanced my worship of the Great Artist…

It truly was one of the best, most engaging experiences of beauty in my journey with God I’ve ever had.

I was inspired to move forward and paint on the ‘blank canvas’ of my journey.

Saw the Gospel in a new light…

An absolutely amazing evening…

“I left the evening so encouraged!”

“Loved the creativity and interaction that enlarged my perspective…”

Here are a few of the questions we’ll address together around the dinner table with other like-minded people who yearn to taste the Gospel as well as their meal:

—What can we learn about passion and perseverance from van Gogh?
—When van Gogh left the church and his vocational ministry as a pastor, did he also ‘lose’ his faith in God in order to become an artist?
—What gripped and motivated him as he painted?
—From van Gogh’s commitment to his vocation as an artist, what can we learn about our own vocations?
—What was the relationship between van Gogh’s beauty and his brokenness?
—Are his paintings worshipful?
—How does Christ’s Gospel gift of experiencing “Life in His name” apply when we encounter van Gogh’s art?
—How can van Gogh reorient our approach to our own stories?


We hope you can join us for this
Nashville Starry Night Encounter with THRIVE!

Art is not a pleasure, a solace, or an amusement;
art is a great matter. Art is an organ of human life…
—Leo Tolstoy